"New" Age Bullshit And The Suppression Of The Sacred Masculine

This is the presentation Mark Passio gave at the Free Your Mind 
2 Conference in Philadelphia, PA on April 27, 2013.

In this presentation Mark exposes 10 "New" Age Deceptions, and then offers balanced corrections to each distorted "New" Age "teaching." 

If you have fallen for the "feel-good spirituality" of the "New" Age Movement, 
this presentation will provide a much-needed street-wise viewpoint, 
and help you to understand how you've been deceived by "New" Age Religion.


Dit is de presentatie die Mark Passio gaf op de Free your Mind 2 Conference in Philadelphia.

In deze presentatie stelt Mark 10 New Age Deceptions aan de kaak en geeft gebalanceerde correcties voor elke verwrongen New Age lering.

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