Sahara levert jaarlijks 22.000 ton voedsel af in de Amazone

Het grootste regenwoud dat de aarde rijk is – de Amazone – heeft zijn bestaan mede te danken aan de grootste woestijn ter wereld: de Sahara. De woestijn voorziet het regenwoud van broodnodige voedingsstoffen.


How water accumulates Orgone by Jan Wicherink

How water accumulates Orgone
by Jan Wicherink


Zero point energy

In recent years Harold Puthoff been popularising the zero point energy from the vacuum from his discoveries of quantum science. Although seemingly and revolutionary to modern science, this zero point energy has been discovered many times before and has been given many names such as Orgone energy (Wilhelm Reich) and Tachyon energy. 

This energy has been known to mankind since time memorial, the ancients called it ‘Chi’ (Chinese), ‘Ki’ (Japanese) or Prana (Indian).

Modern day science is just catching up with ancient wisdom and rediscovering it as zero point energy. Let’s call it the energy of life, as Wilhelm Reich discovered it, it’s the energy that animates and gives life to every living specie on earth, whether it be plant, animal or human.

Implosion physics

To understand the free zero point energy of the universe, is to understand the ancient cosmologies and the nature of our universe. The ancients believed that he universe consists of a vibrating sea of energy, the ether that is all around us. This means that the material world does not exist of separate particles, but instead matter is created from standing waves in the ether. This ancient view of our universe is best explained in a novel physics called ‘implosion physics’ by Daniel Winter, who is an expert in sacred geometry, an ancient science and philosophy that can be traced back to the Egyptians.

Daniel Winter’s implosion physics describes matter as a self sustaining arrangement of imploding vortexes in the ether. The atom is simply the geometrical arrangement of these vortexes. Each vortex corresponds with what mainstream physics regards to be an electron particle. When the imploding vortexes are arranged according to the Platonic Solids, the electron shells and their magnetic quantum numbers, the number of electrons in a shell (2, 6, 10, 14) emerge naturally from the symmetries of these geometrical forms. Nest these Platonic Solids one inside the other to form fractals, and we have a model of the atom existing of different electron shells = fractal or nested set of Platonic Solids.

The Platonic Solids were mentioned by Plato 300 BC and he equated these solids to the five elements fire (tetrahedron), air (octahedron), earth (cube), water (icosahedron) and the ether (dodecahedron). Remember that Plato equated the icosahedron to water and we’ll show you how right he was!

Now just for a moment image the universe to be electrical in nature and imagine all matter to actually exist of these imploding ether vortexes. This makes our observable universe basically a matrix consisting of electromagnetic waves all imploding into what we observe as matter. The matrix itself consists of interwoven Platonic Solids geometries spun by these waves. When waves are nested within waves from long to short wave lengths, everything gets interconnected, galaxies, planets, molecules, atoms and subatomic particles.

This matrix exists of spiralling electromagnetic energy waves that interfere non-destructively into a zero or still point within the atom. The imploding effect is what we observe as gravity as these waves not only pack together in the implosion to form matter, but also speed up to reach superluminal speeds.
To visualise an imploding vortex just imagine the little whirlpool that is created when you pull the plug in your bathtub, feel the suction of the whirlpool as it attracts everything into its funnel. This is what the imploding ether vortex of electromagnetic energy does; it sucks in matter creating gravity. It’s also the key to zero point energy, since in the zero still point the energy density has become infinitely high!

Torsion fields

According to Dan Winter this is the relation between electromagnetism and gravity that Einstein was looking for. Russian scientists call these imploding electromagnetic energy fields, torsion fields. The spiralling wave that spirals into the zero still point is the torsion wave. Tapping the zero point energy from the universe is tapping the energy from the matrix of energy that makes up our physical reality! It’s tapping the energy from gravity itself!

In the fifties Dr. Hans Jenny demonstrated with his Cymatics experiments using simple sound waves that all of the Platonic Solids emerge as standing wave interference patterns in spherical volumes. The Platonic Solids are the blueprint for the self organising universe. The spiralling imploding waves in a vortex also create these Platonic Solids as standing wave patterns. The implosion is simply a set of these nested or fractal Platonic solids as wave interference patterns.
.  .
Cymatics experiments icosahedron on the left, star tetrahedron on the right

This is the reason why geometric forms like the Platonic Solids are able to resonate with the energies of the universe. 

Russian science calls them passive torsion field generators. This is the secret of the Great Pyramid of Giza that is actually half an octahedron and is able to resonate with the torsion fields of the Earth. The Earth’s electromagnetic energy matrix, called the Earth grid consists completely of these nested Platonic Solids. The Platonic Solid energy grids of the atom simply locks into the larger Platonic Solids of the energy grid of the Earth, which in term locks in the energy matrix of the dodecahedral zodiac and the dodecahedral energy grid of the universe at large (from the latest Hubble space telescope observations). This makes up the matrix of our physical reality.

Pictures courtecy of Dan Winter (www.soulinvitation.com)
Imploding donut field with internal Platonic Solids

The ancients understood all of this very well. It’s the secret of geomancy, Feng Shui, the art of channelling and balancing the Chi energy of the universe. By creating geometrical patterns on the land, resonance is created with the geometrical patterns of the energy matrix of our universe!

Structured water

With this introduction into ancient wisdom and modern day implosion physics, we can now start to explore the properties of water and start to understand how water can harness this life giving cosmic energy from the vacuum of space. 

The secret of water is that it is able to conduct the Chi, Orgone or zero point energy from the universe using the same ancient geomancy principles, the art of Feng Shui: resonance through geometrical form! It’s most likely the secret to the ability of our own body cells to harness the life force, the Chi, zero point or Orgone energy from the universe using these resonance principles.

It has been known for quit some time that water can form internal structures when the hydrogen atoms of one water molecule start to bond with the oxygen atom of another water molecule. Although the water molecule is electrically neutral, its charge is not dispersed equally along the molecule. 

Water molecules are actually small dipoles since the bigger oxygen atom in the H2O water molecule attracts the valence electrons harder than the much smaller hydrogen atoms. The result is that the hydrogen becomes somewhat positively charged and the oxygen atom becomes negatively charged. This dipole effect allows water molecules to form chains of molecules. The positively charged hydrogen atoms bond with the negatively charged oxygen atoms of another H2O molecule. The hydrogen bonding in normal water is very instable and these connections last only picoseconds. So water is constantly dynamically rebuilding these internal structures as a result of the thermic vibrations of the water molecule. 

Only at temperatures below zero do the hydrogen bonds become stable enough to form ice crystals.
A recent theory by Martin Chaplin Professor of Applied Science Water and Aqueous Systems Research of the London South Bank University demonstrates that water molecules can arrange themselves in various structures and configurations based on the icosahedron. 

The most amazing structure is a super icosahedral structure that exists of 13 smaller icosahedral structures with a total of 1820 water molecules:
Icosahedral super water cluster of 1820 H2O molecules

Chaplin’s model of the molecular structuring of water is able to explain many of the anomalous properties of water, such as its expansion between 0 en 4 degrees, its high boiling point and many other strange properties that makes water such a rare fluid. So what this theory shows is that water dynamically creates these super icosahedral clusters to give water its exclusive properties.

Now here’s the secret of water in relation with Orgone energy, these icosahedral structures resonate with the zero point energy through form! They are the waveguides that allow the zero point energy to implode. 

The icosahedral water clusters simply, nest or fit recursively into the fractal matrix of imploding waves that sustains matter, i.e. the atoms of the water molecules. According to Daniel Winter, the implosion of this electromagnetic energy into matter is what we observe as gravity. So in other words the icosahedral structure is a wave guide for the imploding Orgone energy, allowing super conductance of these imploding waves, which is just another word for this non-destructive Golden Mean based electromagnetic implosion. 

What happens in the water is that a vortex of imploding electromagnetic energy is created, drawing in this Orgone, or Chi energy from the universe into the water. Just think of it as an ether vortex or whirlpool that is sucking in ether and it is this suction of the ether wind is that we experience as gravity.
Recent discoveries in biology now show that the water inside a biological cell is highly structured. This is the secret as to why the Chi or life force energy of the universe animates all biological life.

Orgone and consciousness

Human consciousness seems to have an effect on the clustering of the water molecules.
In the late fifties, Russian scientist, Nikolai Kozyrev has proven that human thoughts and emotions relate to torsion fields. Torsion fields or vacuum domains as the Russians tend to call them are the equivalent of the electromagnetic imploding vortexes in the vacuum of space.

At Heart Math institute Daniel Winter has proven that e-motion is actually an implosion of electromagnetic energy from the heart and mind when coherence is reached between the EEG and the ECG. 

Feelings of love will harmonically entrain brain and heart waves by Golden Mean ratio related frequencies in the frequency spectrum of the EEG and ECG. This will create an imploding vortex in the energy field around the person. 

This effect which creates Kozyrev’s conscious torsion field, may also explain why Masaru Emoto’s water crystals are influenced by thoughts and emotions. Masaru Emoto is a Japanese scientist who has proven that the formation of ice crystals from water samples can be altered by human intention.
It’s noteworthy that all of Masaru Emoto’s water samples that stem from natural and unpolluted water sources as well as those that have been administered positive human intentions, form ice crystals with a hexagonal core. It’s only from pure, natural spring water or water that has been treated with love that these beautiful hexagonal ice crystals can be created. In all other cases, the ice crystals are chaotic.
The ice crystals with a single hexagonal core have fractal structures at the vertices of the hexagon, often hexagonal structures themselves. In reality the hexagon in Masaru’s water crystal is the top view of an icosahedron:
                     The hexagon in the icosahedron

Masaru Emoto research on this hexagonal or icosahedral structured water has shown that this water has abilities to transfer what he has coined ‘Hado’ or the vital energy of the universe. Now isn’t Hado just the Japanese term for Orgone that Wilhelm Reich discovered? Masaru Emoto’s research seems to acknowledge the abilities of water to act as a superconductor for this cosmic energy once the water itself gets structured. Masaru Emoto’s research has shown that:
  • Hexagonal structured water appears in natural clean water sources
  • Ordinary water such as tap water can be changed into hexagonal structured water by positive and loving human intentions.
  • Hexagonal structured water can be artificially created using scalar waves or torsion fields.

There is a Dutch psychic woman by the name of Woutje Winkler-Prins who’s been paranormally receiving information from her spiritual guides about geometrical forms that supposedly impose ‘healing faculties’ on water. She’s been creating her ‘structured water’ using geometrical forms drawn on paper for at least 20 years now and the latest geometrical form that she has been using to create her Donave trademark water is this:

.  .
Woutje’s geometrical form       icosahedral super water cluster

The similarity between the two images is striking. Pay especially attention to the number of rings in both diagrams and the trapezium like shapes in the outer ring with the double loops.
Could it be that this woman has been intuitively receiving information about hexagonal or icosahedral structured water?
I think it’s not a coincidence.


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Stof in Oregano doodt gevaarlijk buikgriepvirus.

Olie van oregano is niet alleen lekker, het beschermt hoogstwaarschijnlijk ook nog tegen het norovirus. Dit blijkt uit een nieuw onderzoek bij muizen. Het norovirus is veroorzaker van gastro-enteritis, een verzamelnaam voor darm- en buikontstekingen die bij mensen vaak uitmonden in buikgriep. Wetenschappers zijn druk op zoek naar een middel tegen het virus. De afgelopen jaren groeide het aantal mensen dat stierf aan de gevolgen van het virus. Met name kinderen onder de vijf jaar en ouderen met weinig weerstand kunnen ernstig ziek worden van het virus.

Zembla internationaal – de gen-tech lobby – woensdag 25 februari 2015 (uitzending gemist)

ZEMBLA INTERNATIONAAL zendt een reportage uit van veelvuldig onderscheiden Franse journalist Paul Moreira. De Franse onderzoeksjournalist volgt het spoor van de bedrijven die handelen in genetisch gemanipuleerde gewassen en de bijbehorende bestrijdingsmiddelen.
Ziek van landbouwgif
Moreira begint in Argentinië. Argentinië is de afgelopen 15 jaar een van de grootste exportlanden geworden van genetisch gemanipuleerde soja. De gen-soja heeft de Argentijnse economie uit het slop getrokken. Maar in de arme landbouw- gebieden denkt de bevolking dat ze ziek wordt van het landbouwgif dat hierbij gebruikt wordt.
Bezorgde bewoners
Moreira bezoekt de landbouwgebieden in Argentinië en spreekt met bezorgde bewoners, zorgmedewerkers en artsen. Hoofdverpleegkundige M. Gutman van een gehandicapteninstelling uit Saenz Pena.: ‘Geen enkel kind hier kan lopen. De meeste patiënten komen van het platteland, uit de provincie. Ze zijn allemaal blootgesteld aan landbouwgif.
Combinaties van chemicaliën
Topambtenaar A. Mentaberry, van het Argentijnse ministerie van Wetenschap bevestigt dat er gezondheidsproblemen zijn in de gen-tech gebieden: ‘Er is een duidelijk verband met de opmars van de landbouw. Wat er gebeurt, kan te maken hebben met pesticiden. We weten niet hoe ze het toepassen. Ze zijn niet voorzichtig genoeg, want de mensen worden eraan blootgesteld. En we weten niet welke combinaties van chemicaliën ze gebruiken.
In Europa wordt de Argentijnse gen-soja vooral geïmporteerd voor het diervoer. Voor het verbouwen van gemanipuleerde gewassen gelden nog strenge regels. Maar hoe lang nog kan Europa de lobby van bio-tech bedrijven weerstaan? Er is een vrij-handelsverdragtussen Amerika en Europa in de maak, de TAFTA/TTIP. Euro-parlementariër Corinne Lepage vreest dat
de gen-tech industrie hiermee een achterdeur heeft gevonden om de strenge Europese regelgeving te omzeilen.
Als de TAFTA/TTIP eenmaal van kracht is, kunnen multinationals zich wenden tot een arbitragetribunaal als zij vinden dat een land handelt in strijd met het handelsverdrag.  Euro-parlementslid Lepage: ‘Dan zou Frankrijk miljoenen of miljarden euro’s moeten betalen als ze genetische gewassen blijft weigeren.

Stem van moeder stimuleert hersengroei van baby

De hersengroei van baby's wordt tot op zekere hoogte gestimuleerd door de stem van hun moeder. Dat zou blijken uit een nieuwe studie. 
Als vroegtijdig geboren baby's regelmatig een door hun moeder gezongen liedje krijgen te horen in hun couveuse, lijkt hun auditieve cortex opvallend snel te groeien. 
Mogelijk heeft die versterkte ontwikkeling van het hersengebied voor gehoor een positieve invloed op de taalverwerving van kinderen op latere leeftijd.
Dat melden onderzoekers van Harvard Medical School in het wetenschappelijk tijdschrift PNAS.


Bij het experiment werd de moeders van 20 couveusebaby's gevraagd om de tekst van twee kinderliedjes te zingen in een geluidsstudio.
Aangezien foetussen voornamelijk lage tonen kunnen horen, werden de hoge toonfrequenties uit de opnames gefilterd. Vervolgens kregen de 20 couveusebaby's de opnames een maand lang drie uur per dag te horen.
Aan het einde van het experiment werden hun hersenen in kaart gebracht met behulp van ultrageluid.
Deze scans werden vergeleken met hersenscans van een controlegroep van baby's die niet naar liedjes van hun moeder hadden geluisterd.


De couveusebaby's die dagelijk de stem van hun moeder hadden gehoord, bleken allemaal een relatief grote auditieve cortex te hebben.
Waarschijnlijk profiteren de baby's daar op latere leeftijd van, bijvoorbeeld bij het leren van taal. "We weten uit eerdere studies dat een grote cortex ook beter is", verklaart hoofdonderzoeker Amir Lahav op de nieuwssite van het wetenschappelijk tijdschrift Science.


Er is ook wat kritiek op het experiment. De onderzoekers maakten alleen achteraf hersenscans bij de pasgeborenen. Het is dus in theorie mogelijk dat de hersengebieden voor gehoor bij de onderzochte baby's al voor het experiment relatief groot waren.
Meer en uitgebreider onderzoek is dan ook nodig om met zekerheid te kunnen zeggen dat de hersenen van baby's sneller gaan groeien door de stem van hun moeder.
Bron: Nu.nl