GIANT Nephilim Photos Smithsonian Cover-Ups

There have been many reported bone and skull findings of Nephilim giant skeletons throughout the world, some have been proven to be a hoax and not bones or fossils while others are truly a mystery or believed to be the evidence sign of this ancient lost race. 

Some of the skulls found, that many believe to be Nephilim giants, have been reported to have horns protruding from their skulls. Some believe this associated with the Devil.



The Winged Giant – A Flying Nephilim
Can you imagine
seeing one of these where you live? 
Amazing find!!

Satan as drawn by Gustave Dore
in Milton’s Paradise Lost
The Nephilim are giants believed to be between eight and twelve feet tall and sometimes described as being as much as 40 feet tall, who lived during the biblical times of Enoch.

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